After the success of the previous edition of International Bioinformatics Summer School IBSS, we are delighted to organize the fourth edition IBSS2016 in Drug design tools and resources in Tangier on May 23 - 26, 2016 and will address different topics related to drug design theories, technologies and applications and also their challenges and opportunities.

Drug Design is one of the main aspects in the Pharmaceutical Research and Drug development pipeline. Rather than chemically explore the molecular scaffolds by expensive synthesis and biological tests, Structure and ligand-based techniques for automated virtual library screening have been preferentially used and developed, especially over the last ten years. Together with webservers helping the researchers to better identify the right portion of the biological target to hit, these approaches are combined in order to reduce the number of potential hits from millions of compounds to a small subset of virtual hits to biologically test. The growing number of successful virtual screening studies have shown the potential of this approach, especially when coupled with other complementary techniques.

The IBSS'2016 represent a very valuable forum to exchange information to accelerate the application of new technologies in Life Science and give the sensibility to the participants to choose and apply the right computational tool fitting their own project needing, understanding the potential of the techniques used in the molecular modeling field, through the use of the available webservers and free software's.