Big Data are high volume, high velocity, high variety, veracity and Value information. These incredibly huge data require development of innovative analysis, mining and processing techniques to enable and improve decision making.

After the success of the first edition of the Big Data Workshop under the theme Developing data driven Biology in Morocco , which was held in Tangier in February 2015, we are delighted to organize the second workshop in conjunction with SMBI, British Council, CloudTech ' 2015 and the IEEE technically sponsored International Conference on Cloud Computing Technologies. This workshop will be held at Kenzi Farah Hotel  in Marrakesh on June 3, 2015 and will address different topics related to Big Data theories, technologies and applications and also their challenges and opportunities.

The aim of this workshop is to report and promote new advances and research directions in diverse issues related with Big Data such as Big Data searching and mining, Big Data infrastructure, Big Data management, Big Data privacy/security, and Big Data Analytics.

Nowadays, we are dealing with an unprecedented growing range of biomedical and biotechnological data, including microarrays, ultra high-throughput sequencing data as well as bio-imaging data. This workshop will also represent a very valuable forum to exchange information to accelerate the application of new technologies in Life Science.


  • Moroccan society of Bioinformatics SMBI

  • British Council

  • IEEE